Alien Invasion 2020: NYE Recap

Alien Invasion 2020: NYE Recap

The Alien Invasion, 2020

On the night of December 31st, Angel Fire RV Resort hosted nearly 200 guests who came out to celebrate New Year’s New Mexico style! With prime rib and an exquisite display of sides catered from the Angel Fire Resort Food & Beverage team, the night started off with a grand feast! As children frolicked among the dance floor beneath the black light, a colorful array of balloons lit up the air.

Glow sticks, colorful strobes, and black light alien novelties ascended the vibes of this one of a kind New Year’s bash! After the food line dwindled down, the overhead lights dimmed and the ringing in of 2020 began…

Guests took selfies with 8 feet tall extraterrestrials and helped themselves to sparkling apple cider on the iced soda bar. A universal playlist invited guests of all ages to boogie over to the dance floor and shake out some groovy moves!


A mix of earthlings, Avatar, and stellar green things mingled together and danced the night away.

At intermission, a “Most Likely to Get Abducted” costume contest took place on the dance floor. The space cleared, as contestants lined up in front of the UFO backdrop.

Our stellar DJ announced each contestant, and the crowd roared for their favorite costume. All ages participated in this intergalactic celebration.

With a close tie from the audience, it was only natural that there be a spasmodic dance-off! Five contestants remained on the dance floor and showcased their best alien dance moves in competition for a glowing surprise.

Angel Fire RV Resort’s NYE Alien Invasion was an out-of-this-world family social event that just may be back next season.

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Behind the Scenes of The Extraterrestrial

A lot of vibrancy went into the making of Alien Invasion 2020. The Angel Fire RV Resort team held a meeting about the theme of the 2nd Annual New Year’s Soiree’ one early morning in the Gatehouse, and the idea of an alien-themed party was born.

A L I E N   I N V A S I O N

Not long after, Rebecca Rapp- the resort GM, started construction on (20) plywood extraterrestrials. Consequently, this is when the vision of the party came to life. Both morning and night, the mere presence of these plywood aliens was inspiring this New Year’s Eve party to grow beyond all of our wildest imaginations.

The planning behind the event really took off. Our biggest motivation was to give guests an unforgettable experience in Angel Fire.

O n e   D a y  ‘ T i l   B l a s t  O f f  . . .

Furthermore, Rebecca put the finishing touches of lime green paint around the edges. The aliens were coming to life and so was an abundance of interstellar ideas for this party:

Fog Machines, UFOs, Light Up Dance Floor, Alien-Themed Appetizers…. . . . A Balloon Drop.

We looked each other in the eyes and saw infinite possibilities. Hence with only one day left to construct, we knew our energy was sparse. We diligently crafted up some last minute attributes that would make this an unforgettable event for the guests of Angel Fire RV Resort.

We couldn’t have pulled this event off without our whole team. Between dozens of arrivals, continuing reservations, plowing between snowstorms, keeping our restroom facilities clean and tidy, and making customer service our top priority- it was a full staff effort to make Alien Invasion 2020 successful!


Thank you to all who came out and joined us in ringing in the New Year!


– From your team at Angel Fire RV Resort

If you attended the event this year, we want to hear from YOU! Send us a message on our Facebook Page and let us know what you loved most about the Alien Invasion and how we can improve next year.