Cold Camping at Angel Fire RV Resort

Cold Camping at Angel Fire RV Resort

Angel Fire is known for its freezing temps, and like any good ski area, lots of snow. One of the best ways to escape city life and enjoy everything Angel Fire Resort has to offer is by embracing the cold and camping at Angel Fire RV Resort. Rest assured, our luxury RV Resort has all the trapping of home, and promises to make sure your memories stay cozy all night. 

What makes our RV Resort so special, even during the cold months? Each of our spots comes fully equipped with full hookups including water, sewer, strong WiFi and digital cable. You don’t even need to leave your RV! But should you want to venture out, our warm and welcoming staff at the Gatehouse can provide you with tips and tricks for enjoying Angel Fire in the cold. 

We at Angel Fire RV Resort have some suggestions and tips for camping in the cold weather should you decide to join us! Please note, these are only suggestions, please refer to your RV’s user manual for manufacturer suggestions and instructions. 

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Keep Your Plumbing Protected & Warm

Although water is a precious resource for any RV, if you allow a small drip from the faucets it will combat freezing by keeping the water inside the RV moving. Open cabinets and doors so the heat you’re already using inside the RV will work double time on the internal pipes. Instead of connecting your RV to external water sources, fill the internal freshwater tank to use as your primary water source. At night turn off your site’s hydrant and unhook the hoses and store in a warm location until morning. 

If you are going to use the hose hookups, wrap your hoses in heat tape and foam insulation at the hose bibs to keep them warm and prevent freezing. Before turning in for the night, do a quick walk around the RV and make sure all valves are closed unless in use and don’t dump tanks unless they are full. This prevents ice crystals from forming inside the empty spaces inside your tanks.

Insulate Inside & Out To Enjoy Cold Camping

Don’t forget about your AC unit on top of your RV. During the colder months, keep an insulated cover over it to prevent cold drafts. Another way to combat drafts and yet keep the air circulating and fresh inside your RV is to install vent covers. This helps release humidity when you heat up the interior of your RV with portable heaters or propane heaters.

Insulating inside and out applies to your packing list as well! Be sure to prepare for colder weather than anticipated and bring extra sleeping bags and blankets. To keep your core warm and dry, pack breathable base layers that wick away moisture. Fuzzy hats and socks will prevent your body heat from escaping so pack plenty for the whole family!

Cold Camping Packing List

Utilize plastic bins and tubs to organize all your seasonal clothing and supplies for ease of access. Keep all of your soft goods like extra hats, waterproof gloves, scarves, goggles and snow boots together. 

Besides hats, gloves and puffy coats, there are some less obvious items your cold camping packing list should include. Pack a shovel for shoveling snow away from your RV base to prevent freezing. Headlamp and lanterns are useful for navigating your campsite in the dark, and creating a warm ambiance. Not just great for your hair, a blow dryer can be a very useful tool for defrosting frozen pipes or hoses!