Experience The “Other Skiing” At Angel Fire Resort

Experience The “Other Skiing” At Angel Fire Resort

nordic_skiWhat could be more perfectly peaceful than a crisp Saturday morning with only the snow crunching beneath your toes and the chirping of birds above to keep you company? For many, this idyllic setting is what winter is all about. Forget charging down the mountainside going faster miles an hour, avoiding crowds and trees. For those looking for a change of pace and finding their peace, snowshoeing and XC skiing at Angel Fire Resort is easy and affordable.

Enjoy a peaceful exercise while XC skiing at Angel Fire Resort.


This is your guide to The Nordic Center, Angel Fire Resort Country Club’s winter alter ego. While the building’s inside may look the same, the golf course that surrounds the Nordic Center is transformed into a XC skiing paradise, with 12 KM of groomed, classic and skate cross-country ski trails and peaceful wildlife viewing to boot!

Evan Sales, Nordic Center Director, recommends lessons for first time XC skiers, which can be booked with three-day advance notice. Forget dusting off grandpa’s old skis, rentals are available at $25 for adults and $15 for children 12 and younger.

“Cross country skiing takes balance, and it’s very aerobic,” Sales said. “It’s very cost-effective compared to downhill skiing, and it’s just a great, fun way to be outside in the fresh mountain air.”

As for snowshoeing, he compares the activity to social hiking. Poles aren’t required, but definitely help with stability.

Sales suggests dressing right for the activity, as both snowshoeing and XC skiing are the perfect exercise to “earn your dinner and beer,” so to speak. Therefore, wear layers of light, tight clothing like that for winter jogging. For snowshoeing, the best footwear is a waterproof, high top hiking boot with a heel.


The Nordic Center has all the scenery, convenience and luxury that any country club could provide. But Sales says he understands if folks don’t want to hike around a golf course all day. That’s why he provides maps of the Greenbelt trails that crisscross the breathtaking Moreno Valley.

For those who are looking to get out for a few hours then take a break, the Nordic Center’s ProShop has snacks and drinks. Elements fine dining is located upstairs and offers takeout and delivery under current CPOVID-safe practices. The lounge’s windows provide a vast panoramic view of the trails and sledding hill.

The Nordic Center operates Friday – Sunday from 10 AM – 4 PM with extended hours during peak periods during the winter season. Operations are dependent on weather conditions so please call (575) 377-4488 to confirm hours during the winter season. Peace Out, and enjoy “the other skiing” at Angel Fire Resort. No need to drive your RV all the way to the Nordic Center, we can arrange a shuttle service to take you there and back!