Kickstart Your Resolutions

Kickstart Your Resolutions



The December “Cold Moon” is on the way, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to……take a Night Hike under a full moonlit sky! And if night hiking isn’t on your 2019/20 Bucket List, then here are some other aspects of life to focus on as we enter the New Year.

As we track the passage of time through another year, new expectations on how we want to adapt and grow from the challenges of 2019 arise to the surface. Nearing a new 365 day cycle, a familiar tradition of New Year’s Resolutions is reborn.

Fun Fact: 

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 is the Year of the Rat, welcoming in optimism & stability.


Let us focus on Health (Physical & Mental), Adventure, and the Fruition of Our Goals.

Join us at Angel Fire RV Resort for Resolution Week 01/01- 01/08 for the following activities:


Meal Prep 101

It’s never too late or the wrong timing to start living a healthier life. Meal Prepping is a great way to kick this thought into action! It’s easy on the wallet, makes for great habits to form for the whole fam, and the kicker- You only have to cook lunch once a week!



Micro-Fitness Hour

Whether it’s pickleball, picking up riding the bike again, or sticking to a weekly gym schedule- let’s organize a plan of how you are going to stay in shape throughout 2020.

Come along with us to our Micro-Fitness Center where we will have a team experience on Building Vs. Burning.


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Journal Prompting

Join us for journal prompting, meditation readings from Thich Nhat Hanh, and group thoughts on mindfulness, as we aim to exercise the mind alongside the body.


Let’s update your Bucket List.

New Mexico is the land of all that is adventure (and Enchantment). Fly Fishing, Skiing, Snowshoeing, and Moonlit Hikes are just a few items that we can help you check off your list.





Come Snowmobiling with us on December 29th!

Photo Courtesy of Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures






Rest the body & mind in the comfort of our on-site hot tub, or take the opportunity to step out of the box and mingle with guests from all around the country at one of our social hours.


Jolly Hot Tub Gala w/ Eggnog December 22nd


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Wherever you decide to spend your holiday and New Year Celebration, we wish you a year full of peace, good health, happiness, and adventure!


Angel Fire Luxury RV Resort