With site lengths totaling 90ft, we can accommodate all rig lengths.


We’re located at 8,383ft, so if you’re not used to living in the clouds, allow yourself time to acclimate when you arrive. Stay hydrated and pick up a can of Boost Oxygen from our Gatehouse General Store. Our cool mountain air is quite dry — the cold doesn’t feel as cold as it may show. No matter the season, pack lotion, chapstick and layers, including a rain jacket and/or wind breaker.


June: 76°/37°
July: 78°/44°
August: 76°/43°
Escape the heat with temps in the mid-70s for most of the summer. Our nights get cool and you may experience a little rain now and then, but the return is a sweat-free summer full of rainbows!


September: 69°/35°
October: 59°/27°
November: 47°/18°
Fall is absolutely gorgeous in Angel Fire. Activities are still booming and the Aspen leaves to change near the end. The best time for Fall’s full golden mix is around the second week in October and can last until the end of the month.


December: 39°/22°
January: 38°/8°
February: 40°/12°
Ready for the ultimate RV-skication?! Join hundreds of others who have visited our well-maintained winter wonderland for a good taste of what’s it’s like to live in a snowy climate. Be sure to bring your snow shovel! Angel Fire Resort’s Ski Season kicks off every year in mid-December and ends March 24th.


March: 48°/19°
April: 55°/25°
May: 65°/31°
Spring in Angel Fire is a great time to detach from the world and give yourself some well-deserved peace and quiet. While the mountain activities are closed for transition, there’s plenty to see and do, including hikes all throughout the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, day trips, and more.